It would be a great joy to have you visit with us at True Light Baptist Church.  We love to sing the songs of the faith from the hymnal we all know and love.  Singing prepares the heart for the most important part of the service, the preaching of God's Word. 
We only consider you a visitor once at True Light.  After that, your just one of us!  We would be honored to have you as a part of our church family.  We know that you will enjoy the friendly atmosphere.  Our worship is conservative and traditional and your heart will be blessed.  You will receive a warm and friendly welcome.  It is our desire to help you and your family live a successful Christian life that is blessed and pleasing to the Lord. 
Please visit soon!


Pastor Steven Sykes

Steven Sykes
A variety of ministries to achieve a balanced Christian life.
Music that speaks to the heart.
Bible preaching and teaching that is applicable and practical for today.
Nursery and Children's church provided.
Pastoral counseling and guidance for issues of life and times of family crisis.
Church activities, events and fellowships to strengthen family and friendships.